Yooz use Holyrood to get message across

FULL SUPPORT . . . Uddingston and Bellshill MSP Michael McMahon (left) with Yooz project manager Kirsty Evans and chief executive Ian Strachan.
FULL SUPPORT . . . Uddingston and Bellshill MSP Michael McMahon (left) with Yooz project manager Kirsty Evans and chief executive Ian Strachan.

A MOSSEND based charity got the chance to spread its message to a wider audience last week it staged a special exhibition at the Scottish Parliament.

The Yooz reuse and recycling social enterprise, whose base is in Unthank Road, successfully applied for the honour at the end of last year with the support of Uddingston and Bellshill MSP Michael McMahon.

Their display was aimed at raising awareness of the project and letting MSPs know what Yooz was doing on a local level in the Bellshill area to help alleviate current social and environmental pressures.

Yooz chief executive Ian Strachan said: “It was a great platform for us to show how relevant the Yooz Project is to contemporary politics.

“We were delighted to showcase our social enterprise which focuses on youth skills development and on providing work experience to those in dire need of it and also promotes community engagement with third sector organisations.

“Yooz’s vision of waste as a resource and our attention to environmental improvement was recognised by MSPs as an integral part of the Zero Waste Scotland 2025 ambition.”

Project manager Kirsty Evans added: “The enthusiasm for the Yooz Project was overwhelming and we are hugely grateful to Michael McMahon for all his support so far.

“Yooz is a unique Scottish enterprise which exemplifies the vital role that the third sector has to play in individual and community development.

“Enterprises such as ours help build towards a brighter Bellshill where our people can gain improved chances of employment and income through local learning and skills provision.”

Yooz focus on diverting waste from a number of sites, including construction works and offices, and in three years has rediverted over 3,600 tonnes from landfill, redistributing these materials into the community at a low cost to promote reuse.

Landscaping materials, office furniture and domestic items find new homes thanks to the project team, many of whom are long term unemployed and volunteers.

Mr McMahon said: “I find it hugely positive that in Bellshill, an area of high employment deprivation, we have a social enterprise that is providing the youth and long term unemployed with valuable practical skills to improve their employability whilst, importantly, reducing the negative impact on the environment caused by landfill dumps.

“The Yooz project offers our people the chance to develop current, and learn new, work skills and improve their local environment.”