New lease of life for former Woolworths store in Bellshill

A RETAIL company that grew out of the ashes of the collapsed Woolworths chain could be set to open a new store in Bellshill.

Alworths was created by former head of store and concessions development at Woolworths Andy Latham along with a team of 15 ex-Woolworths colleagues from a base in Surrey.

They opened their first store in autumn of last year in Didcot and in June made their first move north of the border, opening their first Scottish store in Cupar.

In total the company now has 14 stores across the UK, offering a wide range of toys, sweets, homeware, stationery, entertainment products, seasonal goods and garden items, and has previously announced it hoped to have around 20 stores one year after opening its first.

It has already been branded in some quarters as 'son of Woolworths' and indeed it is the very unit that the 'parent' company left vacant in Main Street that it is now considering leasing.

The Speaker understands negotiations are at an advanced stage but the Singh family who own the buildings say they won't relax until everything is finalised.

Family spokeswoman Sati Singh said: "Negotiations are ongoing but we don't want to say too much as there has been a couple of times in the past year that we thought we had agreed a lease with a client only for it to fall through, which was very frustrating."

Full story in October 14 edition of Bellshill Speaker

I hope they do well."


No one from Alworths was available for comment but it seemed Mr Latham understands the role his new company plays in communities.

When the business was launched he said: "Not only does the UK high street desperately need an element of regeneration, but customers have not been able to find the products they need in their local towns.

"Woolworths left a big gap in the high street and in many people's lives.

"Alworths will be servicing the local community and offering jobs to many local people."