Milestone for sight charity

The Macular Society chief executive Tony Rucinsk
The Macular Society chief executive Tony Rucinsk
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The Macular Society is launching its 300th support group, to help increase the confidence and independence of people affected by macular degeneration.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) causes central vision loss and is estimated to affect more than half a million people in the UK alone.

AMD is the biggest cause of sight loss in the developed world, with more people being affected as the population ages.

The 300th group is being launched at the GLO Centre in Motherwell tomorrow (Thursday) at 11am by North Lanarkshire provost James Robertson.

The group will offer information, encouragement and friendship to people who are affected by the condition in Motherwell and the surrounding area.

Tony Rucinski, chief executive of the Macular Society, said: “It is with great pride that we launch our 300th Macular Society support group.

“I would like to thank the inspiring people, who have made this possible. Years of hard work and dedication from staff and volunteers have gone into setting up and running these 300 groups.

“This milestone represents thousands of real people with macular conditions, who have received advice, support and companionship.”

For more information on the Motherwell support group call Jamie Cuthbertson on 0141 942 1083.