Sean can start his life all over again

Sean receives a cheque for �5,000 from Herbalife coach Bernie Gribbin

Sean receives a cheque for �5,000 from Herbalife coach Bernie Gribbin

Former Bellshill boxer Sean Paterson was worried he would lose his job and his life as his weight ballooned to nearly 24 stones.

After an eye injury halted a promising career in the ring Sean admits he let his weight get out of control to the point he was embarrassed to leave the house.

Now, after shedding almost 10 stones, he says he’s ready to start making up for lost time and started off by taking centre stage in London as he was named national winner of the Herbalife Level 10 Body Transformation Challenge.

Sean (48) said: “I went to my doctor and was told I needed a heart operation, but I was too big to get it done.

“They were also seriously considering taking my driving licence off me and as I am an HGV driving instructor I realised I could lose my livelihood.

“It was a real wake-up call and I realised I had to make some significant chances as I had gotten so lazy.

“I didn’t want to do anything, when I wasn’t working I just sat in the house, I was actually embarrassed to be seen, but now after shedding the weight I have so much energy and feel I have a second go at life.”

Sean now runs Fit Factor in Mossend, and says helping others is helping himself.

He said: “I had tried all sorts of diets and clubs, but nothing worked until I tried the Herbalife programme, it just clicked.

“I could barely walk 100 yards before, now I’m running 8km every day and running the Fit Factor twice a week keeps me motivated to keep the weight off and I love being able to help other people who were in a similar position to myself.

“Looking at how I was, both physically and mentally, when I was 24 stones then I would say if I can do it anyone can.

“There really are no excuses for how I let things slide, but I glad I finally turned it round.”

Sean has now slimmed down to 13st 6lbs, but says he isn’t finished yet.

He said: “I am now able to have my operation, but I have a target weight of 13 stones on my head and I am determined to be there by the end of the year.”

Sean’s wife Ann has been amazed by his progress.

She said: “I am so proud that he has managed to drop so much weight, but there was no question things had to change.

“After that visit to the doctor I think Sean got a real fright about the future and gave him the kickstart he needed to sort his life out.

“That he has managed to help himself in a such a big way and is now helping others is a brilliant story.”




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