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Councillor Frank McNally joins Holy Family Primary pupils for the clean up of the ash park in Hope Street, but he hopes it will be a one-off

Councillor Frank McNally joins Holy Family Primary pupils for the clean up of the ash park in Hope Street, but he hopes it will be a one-off

COUNCILLOR Frank McNally wants North Lanarkshire Council’s environmental services team to keep an eye on an area of Mossend after local school children took it upon themselves to tidy it up.

Pupils from Holy Family Primary in Mossend collected 30 bags of rubbish from the ash park on Hope Street as it had been left unmaintained for months.

The park had previously been looked after by the community wardens until that service fell victim to the last round of council cuts.

It meant that pupils were unable to use the park for sports days and PE lessons due the danger presented by broken glass and other litter and every pupil in Primary 6 decided to write to Councillor McNally, who represents Mossend and Holytown, asking for help.

In response Councillor McNally joined 25 P6 pupils and staff last Wednesday for a community clean-up in the park.

Class teacher Johanne Gardner said: “Councillor McNally had been on a visit to the school and said to ask if there was anything he could do to help us, so as the pupils had a ‘persuaive writing’ exercise to do they decided to bring this matter to his attention.

“The work used to be carried out by the community wardens and we would use the park for sports days, but you can’t hold one if there is broken glass lying about.

“We collected 30 bags full of rubbish, and while it has the added benefit of aiding in our work towards another eco flag, we hope the park stays as it is now and ask the local community to use the readily available bins and let the children play on it.”

Councillor McNally was delighted by the youngsters’ efforts, but hopes it is a one-off.

He said: “When reading the letters the Primary 6 class sent me, I was really heartened by the desire they have to keep their community tidy, and was delighted that they were willing to help out with the clean-up.

“It was disgraceful the amount of litter and glass that people had dropped in the park and it was certainly not safe enough for children to play there, for the school to host sports day, or PE lessons, or even for people walk their dogs.

“I think the children did an excellent job and really seemed to enjoy the day so hopefully it leaves a lasting impression with them not to drop litter.

“However, now it is time for the council to take over and I will be contacting the enviromental services department to tell them to deal with the moss and weeds that we couldn’t, and keep an eye on it in future so it isn’t left to the kids.”




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