Indy meeting proves popular

SNP former deputy leader Jim Sillars addresses the large audience at the GLO Centre during the meeting.

SNP former deputy leader Jim Sillars addresses the large audience at the GLO Centre during the meeting.

There was standing room only as the Lanarkshire Forum for Independence hosted a public meeting is support of the Yes Campaign at the GLO Centre in Motherwell.

The large audience gave an enthusiastic welcome to a panel consisting of SNP former deputy leader Jim Sillars, Cat Boyd of the Radical Independence Campaign and Robin McAlpine of the Jimmy Reid Foundation.

All three speakers pointed to the inequalities and the industrial, social, economic and political failures in our society.

They outlined their views as to how an independent Scotland would have the potential to address all of the issues and be able to create a prosperous society.

The audience contributed to the debate during an informative question and answers session.

At the beginning of the meeting a tribute was paid to Bob Crow, an invited guest speaker, who had suddenly and tragically passed away.

The Forum’s Dominic Milligan said: “We had an excellent panel of speakers and yet another capacity audience.

“It is encouraging to know that voters are becoming more and more engaged in the referendum process.

“It is clear from the positive comments we have received that there are a number of people moving to support the Yes campaign.

“We intend as a group to extend the scope of engagement with the voters and our next meeting will be directed towards the concerns of women voters.

“Further events are also planned.”

The Forum has sent its condolences to Mr Sillars on the recent death of his wife Margo MacDonald.

John Milligan, who chaired the public meeting, said: “We are saddened to learn of the sad news of the death of Jim Sillars’ wife, the formidable and exceptional Margo MacDonald, just a few days after Jim’s visit to Motherwell.

“We send our condolences to Jim and his family on their tragic loss.”




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